Tavor Plumbing
CSLB #866266

Kitchen or bathroom faucets of all types with touch control, lever action or rotary values. You decide.
Shower fixtures
Disposals and more...
Water heaters 
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We can help with maintenance and repair, new construction and remodeling projects. 
We take pride in our wide selection of quality products. Let us help you select just the right plumbing products for your home. Refresh or remodel, we can recommend or install your choice of any type of plumbing fixture. 
Kitchen, bathroom or laundry room sinks of all types with lever action, rotary values or motion activated. You decide.
Toilets and bidets of all types. Choose conventional, low GPF, tankless  or electronic. You decide.
Shower heads, nozzles and fixtures of all types. Shower pans, tile designs and replacement tile. We can help.
Kitchen disposal units replaced and upgraded, in fact, ANY built in kitchen fixture. We're experts.
Ready for a new water heater? Tankless or otherwise, we can help. Complete installations up to code, safe and secure.
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